December 1, 2022

Zapata Computing offers early access to its unified quantum operating environment Orquestra

Zapata Computing, a startup software company for NISQ-based quantum applications, has just announced an Early Access Program to Orquestra™, its end-to-end platform for quantum-enabled workflows.

Providing this software- and hardware-interoperable, enterprise quantum toolset, Orquestra enables advanced technology, R&D and academic teams to accelerate quantum solutions for complex computational problems in optimization, machine learning and simulation across a variety of industries.

Orquestra is agnostic across the entire software and hardware stack. It offers an extensible library of open source and Zapata-created components for writing, manipulating and optimizing quantum circuits and running them across quantum computers, quantum simulators and classical computing resources. It comes equipped with a versatile workflow system and APIs to connect all modes of quantum devices.

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