February 3, 2023

Xanadu releases world’s first Photonic Quantum Computer in the Cloud

Xanadu, a leading company in photonic quantum computing, announced the release of the world’s first publicly available Photonic Quantum Cloud platform. Developers can now access Xanadu’s gate-based photonic quantum processors, in 8, 12, and soon 24 qubit machines. 

Photonics based quantum computers have many advantages over older platforms. Xanadu’s quantum processors operate at room temperature. They can easily integrate into existing fiber optic-based telecommunication infrastructure, enabling a future where quantum computers are networked. It also offers great scalability supporting fault tolerance, owing to robust error-resistant physical qubits and flexibility in designing error correction codes.

Xanadu’s partners and customers are currently testing solutions on the pre-release Xanadu Quantum Cloud. These include leading academic institutions, quantum startups, and major national labs including Creative Destruction Labs, Scotia Bank, BMO and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). 

In addition to Xanadu Quantum Cloud, developers will use Xanadu’s open-source tools widely available on Github. These include Strawberry Fields, its cross-platform Python library for simulating and executing programs on quantum photonic hardware and PennyLane, its software library for quantum machine learning, quantum computing, and quantum chemistry.

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