December 8, 2022

Team of EPFL students won 2nd place in IBM Quantum contest

The IBM Quantum competition is part of IBM’s commitment to realize the ground-breaking potential of quantum computing, and cultivate “an educated and motivated network of researchers, educators, students, programmers and businesses.”

Beginning in 2018, the “IBM Q” competition runs every year, pitting teams of in six different categories of challenges. Each category claims a 1st and 2nd prize winner, each receiving different money awards. The 2019 IBM Q competition gave away a total of $28,000 to twelve different winning teams.

One of the winning teams was composed of nine students from EPFL’s Institute of Physics (IPHYS) and School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC), led by Drs Marc-André Dupertuis (IPHYS) and Nicolas Macris (IC).

The EPFL team won 2nd Prize in the category of Best Paper for their work: “Bell Diagonal and Werner state generation: entanglement, non-locality, steering and discord on the IBM quantum computer”.

The team members were:

  • Elias Riedel Gårding
  • Nicolas Schwaller
  • Su Yeon Chang
  • Samuel Bosch
  • Willy Robert Laborde
  • Javier Naya Hernandez
  • Xinyu Si
  • Chun Lam Chan
  • Frédéric Gessler

IBM Q full press release

EPFL full news Link.