December 9, 2022

Startup Atomionics raises S$2.5m

Startup Atomionics raises S$2.5m Atomionics logo

Atomionics, a Singapore-based startup which develops quantum sensors that enable navigation without GPS, has raised S$2.5 million in seed funding led by Wavemaker Partners, in partnership with SGInnovate and Cap Vista. Atomionics was founded in 2018.

Atomionic’s quantum sensors have several use cases. These sensors can pinpoint where underground hydrocarbon and mineral reserves are, allow aircraft and submarines to navigate without GPS, as well as detect earthquakes, volcanoes and underground infrastructure.

Atomionics Company Introduction Video

To take their quantum sensors to market, Atomionics aims to build a quantum gravimeter. The quantum gravimeter, which looks like a box, can sense objects hidden under the ground. Users can place this on a moving vehicle even in harsh operating conditions, both onshore and offshore. (TheBusinessTimes)

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