February 3, 2023

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G boasts a quantum QRNG chip

The Galaxy A71 5G destined to launch in South Korea via SK Telecom next month will be the world’s first smartphone to boast a QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) chip for advanced security, claims a recent ETNews report. A QRNG chip is capable of generating truly random and unpredictable numbers.

While the report doesn’t go into great detail about the exact chip employed by SKT’s Galaxy A71 5G, it might be a solution provided by ID Quantique, or a spinoff of IDQ’s existing Quantis QRNG chip. This would make sense, seeing how SKT made a $65 million investment in ID Quantique more than two years ago. Likewise, SK Telecom applied ID Quantique’s QRNG systems to the subscriber authentication center of its 5G network last year.