January 31, 2023

QuTech and Fujitsu announce collaboration on Quantum Computing

QuTech (a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO) and Fujitsu signed a collaboration agreement to combine efforts in a multi-year research project. The aim of the project is to develop the building blocks for a modular quantum computer based on diamond spin qubits. By joining forces, both parties seek to stay at the forefront of quantum technology.

By bringing together QuTech’s expertise in diamond spin qubits and Fujitsu’s expertise in classical computer technology, both parties hope to accelerate the development of modular quantum computers.

By yielding new insights and techniques, the research project is also an important step towards advancing the commercialization of quantum technology. QuTech’s Director of Business Development, Kees Eijkel: “This collaboration will enable us to further build our technology base, as well as our future opportunities to commercialize the technology. It therefore contributes directly to our mission to create an economic footprint in the Netherlands.

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