January 28, 2023

Quantum Orchestration Platform: A virtual machine for quantum computing

Quantum Machines (QM), an Israeli startup, funded with $5.5 million by Battery Ventures and TLV Partners, has just revealed the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP), a full hardware and software solution, which is claimed as the most advanced classical hardware worldwide for the operation of quantum processors. In addition, QOP offers a convenient software interface for the seamless programming of even the most complex algorithms.

The fundamental software interface of QOP is its quantum assembly (QUA). Using QUA, QOP translates classical code into a quantum assembly language that can then run on any quantum processor.

These capabilities include ultra-low feedback latency for application ranging from ultra-rapid calibrations to quantum-error-correction, general multi-qubit control-flow including real-time branching based on data acquired and processed from multiple qubits, and fully parametric programming of gates, pulses, and even real-time classical processing.

QM uses machine learning for the optimization of pulses sent to qubit and aimed and reading their quantum states but also uses neural-nets in real-time to infer whether there are errors in the quantum bits or not, as well as for the algorithmic of the compiler. (ZDnet)

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