August 17, 2022

Quantum network nodes with warm atoms

Quantum network nodes with warm atoms

Physicists at the University of Basel, Switzerland, have now developed a network node for quantum communication networks that can store single photons in a vapor cell and pass them on later.

In quantum communication networks, information is transmitted by single particles of light (photons). At the nodes of such a network buffer elements are needed which can temporarily store, and later re-emit, the quantum information contained in the photons.

The team has developed a quantum memory that is based on an atomic gas inside a glass cell. The atoms do not have to be specially cooled, which makes the memory easy to produce and versatile, even for satellite applications.

Moreover, the researchers have realized a single photon source which allowed them to test the quality and storage time of the quantum memory.

The paper has been published in the journal PRX Quantum.

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