January 31, 2023

Quantum Graph Neural Networks

Researchers at X, The Moonshot Factory and Google Research have just released a very interesting paper about Quantum Graph Neural Networks (QGNN). QGNNs are a new class of quantum neural network ansatze which are tailored to represent quantum processes which have a graph structure, and are particularly suitable to be executed on distributed quantum systems over a quantum network.

Along with this general class of ansatze, they introduce further specialized architectures, namely, Quantum Graph Recurrent Neural Networks (QGRNN) and Quantum Graph Convolutional Neural Networks (QGCNN). They provide four example applications of QGNNs: learning Hamiltonian dynamics of quantum systems, learning how to create multipartite entanglement in a quantum network, unsupervised learning for spectral clustering, and supervised learning for graph isomorphism classification.

Great job!

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