December 8, 2022

Quantum Computing in 2021. It’s Speeding Up!

Quantum Computing in 2021. It’s Speeding Up!

Quantum London newsletter #4. 27 February 2021

Events, news and insight from the Quantum London community

Greeting Quantumplaters!

It’s been a few weeks of intense consideration of the impact on quantum computing in insurance. That will continue as we enter March, but we’re also lining up many excellent cross-industry webinars lined up. Do join us!

We’re also delighted that we have a discount code available for those of you who wish to join the talks at the upcoming Quantum Business Europe. Just apply QBE21-QTMLNDN at check-out.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events.

Our upcoming events

Quantum London Coding Community #5
The latest episode of this excellent interactive coding session. Free to join, but please ensure you’ve done the prerequisites.
Monday 1 March, 6pm UK time
More info and RSVP link

The UK’s Quantum Computer
Learn all about this exciting project to build the first commercial quantum computer in the UK and offer companies from across all industries the opportunity to benefit from it. As well as an overview from Marco Paini of Rigetti (who are building it) we will hear from Alexei Kondratyev of Standard Chartered Bank about Quantum Machine Learning (QML) as a major use case for quantum computing in finance. They’ll be speaking with Emanuele Colonnella and Paolo Cuomo
Monday 15 March, 6pm UK time
More information and sign-up links here

Recent events

A guide to the quantum ecosystem — video, slides and links

Quantum v Quantum with ID Quantique — video, Q&A and links

Quantum in Insurance, with Lloyd’s of London — video and links

Further Quantum in Insurance discussion — video and Q&A

Quantum Stammtisch #8 — video and thoughts

We will be sharing some of the videos from the Coding Community sessions shortly

Slides and video of the Venner Shipley event on Patent Protection for Quantum Technologies are available here.

As a reminder, videos of all the events we record are on our YouTube page. (We’ve also started a list of other useful quantum videos here.)

Links to write-ups and summaries of most of our webinars are here.

News and insight

Please do keep sharing articles and information. As well as the LinkedIn page we save relevant ones here on our Quantum London Insights page, and put industry specific points in our Industry Impact Directory. Recent updates include the areas of Financial Services, Automotive and Pharma.

Other events that you may interest you

The Quantum Future, with The New Scientist (paid ticket required)
11 March
More information here.

Quantum Computing for Finance
15 March, 7pm UK time

Join the Washington DC Quantum Computing MeetUp and Paul Dowling.
Free to attend. More information here.

Quantum Business Europe
16–17 March, all online
The Expo at this event is free to join but if you want to attend the broad set of talks then you need a ticket. Use our discount code to get 25% off. Code = QBE21-QTMLNDN

We’re happy to share other companies’ and organisations’ events so please send us details for us to post.

Stay in touch

For our community to really work we’d love your engagement. Whether it’s asking questions or answering them please do engage via the webinars, our world-famous Quantum Stammtisch discussions, or through the various social media channels.

As well as the usual channels below we are available on WhatsAppSignal.

Due to the inclusive nature of our community we are not running events on Clubhouse at this point as it is only available to iOS users.

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