Quantinuum announces Quantum Volume 4096 achievement

Quantinuum announces Quantum Volume 4096 achievement

Quantinuum has reached another milestone in its quest to build the highest performing quantum computer in the world.

This week, the System Model H1-2 doubled its performance to become the first commercial quantum computer to pass Quantum Volume 4096, a benchmark introduced by IBM in 2019 to measure the overall capability and performance of quantum computers.  

It marks the sixth time in two years that Quantinuum’s H-Series hardware, Powered by Honeywell, has set an industry record for measured quantum volume.  

The achievement also fulfills a March 2020 promise made by Honeywell Quantum Solutions, which combined with Cambridge Quantum in late 2021 to form Quantinuum, to increase the performance of its trapped ion technologies by an order of magnitude each year for the next five years. 

The average single-qubit gate fidelity for this milestone was 99.994(3)%, the average two-qubit gate fidelity was 99.81(3)% with fully-connected qubits, and measurement fidelity was 99.72(5)%.  The Quantinuum team ran 200 circuits with 100 shots each, using standard QV optimization techniques to yield an average of 152.97 two-qubit gates per circuit.

The System Model H1-2 successfully passed the quantum volume 4096 benchmark, outputting heavy outcomes 69.04% of the time, which is above the 2/3 threshold with greater than 99.99% confidence.

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