November 27, 2022

Qnami to reveal its quantum microscope at MRS 2019

At the MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston (Dec 2d-5th), Qnami, a Swiss startup located in Basel, will present for the first time the ProteusQ, its quantum microscope for quantitative and non-perturbative analysis of surface magnetic fields. 

The ProteusQ is the first scanning probe microscope making use of quantum NV technology (Nitrogen-Vacancy). It performs non-invasive magnetic imaging with the highest resolution, high sensitivity, and without affecting your sample.

Applications are material characterization, current imaging integrated circuits (ICs), spintronics and many more.

ProteusQ specifications:

  • Tuning fork based SPM (f=32kHz)
  • Standard SPM mode (contact, tapping)
  • Large (x,y) scanning range 100µm x 100µm
  • Digital closed loop for all directions
  • Combined confocal microscope (NA = 0.7)
  • Magnetic sensitivity: 1 µT/Hz^{1/2}
  • Spatial resolution (magnetic map): 10 nm
  • Fast (non-quantitative) mode
  • Quantitative mode
  • Compatible with the Quantilever MX series