December 8, 2022

Qblox unveils next-generation RF Quantum control stacks

Qblox unveils next-generation RF Quantum control stacks QBlox product in lab

Yesterday, Quantum Computer scientists needed to integrate numerous hardware technologies to control and readout qubits effectively. Qblox, a Dutch startup, has just launched their Radio Frequency (RF) line consisting of fully-integrated quantum control stacks providing all input and output signals ranging from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz.

This technology is tucked into a sleek 19-inch enclosure named the Cluster. The Cluster has the ability to control and readout up to 20 qubits. In order to control setups with 100s of qubits, multiple Clusters can be connected and function in full synchronicity using Qblox proprietary technology. To enable user-friendly and flexible scheduling of algorithms and experiments, Qblox provides scientists with an open-source software platform named Quantify, co-developed with Orange Quantum Systems.