December 7, 2022

ORCA Computing raises £2.9M ($3.7M)

ORCA Computing Ltd, a quantum computing company based in London, UK has announced the close of £2.9M ($3.7M) public and private financing to begin building their optical-fiber based quantum computer.

The pre-seed round was led by Atmos Ventures, with the participation of Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) and Quantonation, and leverages three grants from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. This funding establishes ORCA Computing as a competitive new player in the global race to build a large-scale quantum computer.

Already advanced in their efforts to deliver a first of a kind high quality source of photons, ORCA’s roadmap also includes plans to initially deliver a scaled down quantum computer, which they will offer as a learning and development tool to strategic partners. (EinPressWire)

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