November 28, 2022

ORCA Computing: a new Quantum Computer in the UK

ORCA Computing: a new Quantum Computer in the UK

ORCA Computing is working with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to develop future data processing capabilities.

In a year-long programme of activity, MoD will use ORCA’s PT-1 model, the first computer of its kind to operate at room temperature and be based on-premises.

ORCA computing has developed software that allows small scale photonic processors, which use single units of light, to be applied to complex machine learning and optimisation tasks.

These include image analysis, handwriting recognition and decision making.

After installation, the MoD is expected to develop programmes for the PT-1 in collaboration with partners.

The ORCA PT-1 contains unique technology that avoids bulky and expensive refrigeration. It puts the power and potential into a compact, plug-and-play rack-mounted system built with easily available components, such as standard optical fibre. The PT-1 system will be supplied with ORCA software libraries that allow for easy mapping between its hardware and current ML libraries such as PyTorch.

ORCA Computing is developing a full-stack, photonic quantum computer. The ORCA platform is the first to include a ‘quantum memory’ allowing quantum computers based on single photons (units of light) to become scalable. Photonic quantum computing does not require complex engineering such as advanced cryogenic cooling and vacuum.

The ‘quantum memory’ storage of quantum information also reduces errors so that fewer components are needed. This allows ORCA to build computers in optical fibre without silicon processing.

The company recently announced the completion of its Series A funding round.

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