January 28, 2023

New kids on the Quantum blocks…

New kids on the Quantum blocks… The programmable QCCD quantum computing system.

Which companies are working the hardest with the most patent applications and has there been an increase in interest over the years?

RS Components analyzed over 5,000 patent applications to find out. 

Patenting activities in the quantum computing sector have rapidly expanded in recent years. As we can see from the graphs and data above, there has been a steady increase in the number of patent applications over the past 10 years, going from 12 applications in 1998 to 558 in 2018.

Quantum Patents Applicants 2019 - 1
Quantum Patents Applicants 2019 - 2

Very interesting to find companies like:

  • Marvell Technology Group, well-known for ARM embedded and servers processors.
  • Boeing, Northrop Grumman. US Military conglomerate companies.
  • Bank of America. Who says the banks are not involved in Quantum Computing?
  • Elwha LLC, a holding company belonging to Intellectual Ventures (IV), friends of Bill Gates, and one of the world’s largest patent holding companies, typically described as a patent troll because of its practice of acquiring patents and using them to file lawsuits (notably against Motorola), despite not using the patents to make technology of its own.
  • Royce A Levien, Frampton Ellis, other patent trollers?

We at Swiss Quantum Hub always strongly advise our startups and corporate members to be extremely vigilant regarding patents and especially potential future litigation. As in every technological leap, patent trollers make their sad but legal business and eventually can lead to the death of a company.

In Quantum, IP is the king.