December 8, 2022

KT sends 5G data with quantum cryptography

KT has made a field test success that encrypts and transmits 5G data with a quantum cryptographic communication technology developed in Korea. This test is the most basic step in launching a service with the quantum cryptographic communication technology.

KT has applied its own Quantum Key Distributor (QKD) system and Encryptor developed by small and medium-sized companies to 5G networks that are actually being used by customers in some parts of Gyeonggi Province according to the international standard of ITU-T Y. 3800.

In addition to the demonstration of applying quantum cryptographic communication to 5G networks, KT also conducted a ‘Quantum VPN’ test that introduces ‘Quantum random number generation function’ to KT’s corporate product ‘One Box’ to strengthen security of VPN service.

(Korean IT Times)

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