November 27, 2022

Kantar is patenting Quantum Machine Learning solutions

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, announced today the first patent on Quantum Machine Learning as part of AI/ML advancement in Singapore. With the continuous support and partnership of Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB), Kantar established its Brand Growth Lab in Singapore in 2018 to develop AI/ML solutions. The Lab, an advanced analytics hub, is dedicated to discovering new ways to leverage big data to drive strategic decision-making for business.

Kantar was granted its first patent by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore for a method of optimising AI/ML predictions from a classical data feed with a hybrid simulator generated from classical and quantum model structures.

In collaboration with Professor Angelakis, Principal Investigator and the leader of the Quantum Simulation and Computation Group at the National University of Singapore’s Centre of Quantum Technologies, two quantum experiments using real consumer behavioral data from Kantar’s panels were conducted during the last 6 months.

In the first experiment, the goal was to develop quantum-inspired machine learning segmentation algorithm that exploits the concept of quantum interference and work in the classical hardware to improve the results of the current machine learning approach. Comparing the traditional technique with a quantum and a quantum genetic algorithm developed for this experiment, the researchers observed that the Quantum versions showed better results.

The objective of the second experiment was to establish the feasibility of using a quantum computer to address a real-life segmentation problem. The quantum algorithm was run using 2 qubits on the IBM’s 5-qubit quantum computer. 4 relevant consumer segments were identified. Next steps will be about proving the superiority of the quantum approach and explore the potential of more advanced quantum hardware. (PR Newswire)