November 28, 2022

IQM expands in Germany to drive quantum hardware-software co-design

IQM Finland Oy (IQM), today announced an expansion through the establishment of its first subsidiary company, IQM Germany, located in Munich. The company also announced the appointment of renowned quantum computing and quantum technology expert, Prof. Enrique Solano as CEO of IQM Germany.

IQM is an emerging hardware leader focused on developing quantum computers based on scalable high-speed superconducting quantum processors.

The expansion move intends to harness local quantum expertise to create a co-design hub that tightens the interaction between quantum hardware and quantum software development. The idea is to optimize quantum chips at the earliest development stage to meet gate design, connectivity, gate fidelity, and other technical imperatives for scalable quantum computing. The novel co-design model lets IQM collaborate closely with its current and future software partners throughout Europe to accelerate the development of useful quantum solutions for specialized applications.

The new team in Munich will extend these efforts to design special-purpose processors for near-term algorithms, while also focusing on IP development.

Munich was the obvious location for the new facility,” said IQM’s CEO, Dr. Jan Goetz. “For Germany and Bavaria, in particular, building a quantum computer is a strategic national priority. That commitment has produced an ecosystem of quantum innovation, with stakeholders from industry, academia and the investor community collectively focused on advancing Europe’s quantum leadership.” (IQM)