November 28, 2022

ID Quantique launches single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths

ID Quantique (IDQ), the Swiss quantum company leader in quantum-safe security and quantum sensing, announced the launch of the ID Qube Series, a compact and cost-effective series of modules for single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths.

IDQ has developed plug-and-play, ultra-low noise and compact modules for single-photon detection applications available either in free-running or gated mode for both asynchronous or synchronous single-photon detection.

ID Qube
ID Qube

The ID Qube modules are available in free-space compatible with C-mount apparatus or fiber-coupled (SMF/MMF) versions, as well as base plate option to be coupled with standard optical tables, threads compatible with 30mm cage system. They offer the possibility to receive external pulses for fast and slow gating operations depending on the model.

The first module is optimised for fast-gated (up to 100 MHz) operations at telecom wavelengths, making it ideally suited for quantum communication protocol. A second module offers ultra-low noise free-running operation which is mainly required for asynchronous photon detection, photon correlation and Time of Flight measurement.

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