February 3, 2023

IBM Quantum Developer Certification

IBM Quantum Developer Certification

IBM Quantum and Qiskit team announced the IBM Quantum Developer Certification — the world’s first ever developer certification for programming a quantum computer.

The purpose of this test, a 60-questions exam, is to certify that the members of the community have comprehensive understanding and the competencies to use Qiskit:

  • define, execute and visualize quantum circuits using Qiskit
  • implement single and multi-qubit gates and understand their effects on quantum circuits
  • leverage the fundamental features of Qiskit in order to write quantum programs. 

Qiskit is an open source framework, allowing to program real quantum computing hardware. It requires only Python and a basic knowledge of linear algebra as a prerequisite.

If you are interested, the first 1’000 candidates are awarded a voucher to take the certification.

All details here.

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