December 8, 2022

IBM has achieved a Quantum Volume of 64 with 27 qubits

IBM on Thursday announced it’s reached a new quantum computing milestone, hitting its highest Quantum Volume to date. Using a 27-qubit client-deployed system, IBM achieved a Quantum Volume of 64.  

Quantum Volume is a metric that determines how powerful a quantum computer is. It measures the length and complexity of quantum circuits, the building blocks of quantum applications.

Just two months ago, Honeywell similarly announced it had a quantum computer running client jobs with a Quantum Volume of 64. Honeywell reached the milestone with just a 6-qubit system. 

IBM’s previous Quantum Volume milestone, announced in January, was 32. The company said it reached a Quantum Volume of 64 through a series of new software and hardware techniques applied to a system already deployed within the IBM Q Network. (ZDnet)

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