January 28, 2023

Honeywell’s quantum computer scored 64 as quantum volume.

Honeywell’s quantum computer, dubbed H0, scored 64 on a measure known as quantum volume. That test gauges both the total count of a machine’s qubits — the fundamental elements that process data in a quantum computer — and how well the machine uses those qubits. The result bested the 32 IBM’s Raleigh machine scored in January.

Honeywell’s current design, H0, will reach all the way from today’s quantum volume of 64 to 640,000 as the company adds more qubits. Another system, H1, is in development.

Honeywell’s quantum computers are made with a design called an ion trap that houses qubits. IBM and Google use a different approach, superconducting qubits, that requires the quantum computer be chilled to within a hair’s breadth of absolute zero. Microsoft and Intel are pursuing other approaches they hope will let them leapfrog competitors. (CNET)

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