February 1, 2023

Honeywell: Quadrupled Quantum Performance

Honeywell: Quadrupled Quantum Performance

Honeywell Quantum Solutions has achieved another milestone in its quest to develop the highest-performing quantum computers on the market.

This week, the System Model H1 quadrupled its performance in terms of quantum volume and became the first commercial quantum computer to measure 512. It marks the third time in nine months Honeywell has set an industry record for quantum volume. 

Quantum volume is a measurement that requires a complex set of statistical tests.  A variety of factors influences the results, including the number of qubits, error rates, connectivity of qubits, and cross-talk between qubits.

Honeywell set a record in June 2020 when it unveiled its first commercial system. The System Model H0 achieved a quantum volume of 64, double the measure of any other systems available at that time.

A few months later, Honeywell surpassed that record when it released its second commercial technology. The System Model H1 attained a quantum volume of 128 in September, making it the highest performing quantum computer in the world.

The Honeywell team has spent the months since working with commercial customers such as BMWDHL, JP Morgan Chase, and Samsung on projects and making upgrades to the System Model H1.

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