December 1, 2022

Honeywell and JPMorgan partnership in quantum computing

J.P. Morgan Chase wants to develop new ways for quantum computing to help the financial services company support its customers. The well-known financial company has partnered with Honeywell to figure it out and to develop algorithms that can be applied to both quantum computers and existing systems.

In most cases, applications will wind up invoking quantum computers transparently so solve computational problems that require a level of scale that can’t be achieved using existing systems.

Rather than focusing on trying to run multiple types of qubits, Honeywell builds its quantum computers based on a trapped-ion architecture that leverages numerous, individual, charged atoms (ions) to hold information. It then applies electromagnetic fields to hold (trap) each ion in a way that allows it to be manipulated and encoded using laser pulses.

That approach is allowing Honeywell to build quantum systems that would scale higher.

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