January 28, 2023

Honeywell achieved a Quantum Volume of 128

Honeywell has just announced they achieved a Quantum Volume of 128 on their Quantum Computer in late September 2020. 

The system successfully passed the Quantum Volume 128 test outputting heavy outcomes 71.78% of the time, which is above 2/3 threshold with 99.934% confidence. The average single-qubit fidelity is 99.97(1)% and the average two-qubit gate fidelity is 99.54(7)% with fully-connected qubits. 

Their systems are accessible directly through Honeywell or through Microsoft Azure Quantum. In addition to offering high-fidelity, fully-connected qubits, they features a unique mid-circuit measurement capability, which enables users to explore new classes of algorithms and to greatly reduce the number of qubits needed for certain algorithms.

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