December 8, 2022

Germany: 2 Billion euros for quantum technology

German chancellor Angela Merkel announced a 2 Billion innovation program for quantum technology including the investment in two quantum computers.

The next fundamental digital leap in technology through quantum technologies is now beginning. Since other countries are pioneers in the field of hardware and software in classic computer technology, it is our goal that Germany should be at the top of the world in terms of economics and technology in key areas of quantum technology, especially quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensor technology and quantum cryptography. Therefore, we will promote the development and production of quantum technologies in Germany and use them to build a new industrial pillar in terms of both hardware and software. We rely on the close connection of excellence in research with the transfer to product development, on substantial funding for startups, and on joint new top clusters from science and industry. The federal government will immediately commission the construction of at least two quantum computers to a consortium. (translated from German)”

Original text here (Paragraph# 44).