November 28, 2022

French CEA-Leti to build Quantum-Photonics platform

French CEA-Leti has just announced the setup of a Quantum-Photonics Platform to ensure ultra-secure data for Finance, Energy, Defense and other industries. The Project will aim to build demonstrators for transmitting and receiving qubits and focus on integrating the technology in a unique platform to address Quantum Computing applications.

The three-year project will build on CEA-Leti’s silicon-photonics platform complemented with new quantum characterization equipment for designing, processing and testing quantum-photonic integrated components and circuits. The institute uses photons to build qubits which are the best physical means for quantum communications. 

The project will fabricate silicon-photonics circuits that generate single photons, manipulate those photons with linear optical components such as slow and rapid phase shifters and detect them with superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPD). It also will build demonstrators for transmitting and receiving information in a quantum-based system to deliver quantum-technology’s promise for ultra-secure cryptography. For example, the demonstrators will realize an integrated qubit transmitter, as a circuit generating single photons and entangling them. An integrated qubit receiver will be built to detect the photons.

The news release has been posted here.