January 28, 2023

First integrated photon source towards large-scale quantum photonics

Researchers at the University of Bristol has developed the first integrated photon source with the potential to deliver large-scale quantum photonics.

Integrated quantum photonics is a promising platform for developing quantum technologies due to its capacity to generate and control photons. Leveraging the mature CMOS Silicon industry for the fabrication of integrated devices enables circuits with the equivalent of thousands of optical fibres and components to be integrated on a single microchip.

Scaling of integrated quantum photonics has been limited by the lack of on-chip high-quality single photons sources. Without low-noise photon sources, errors in a quantum computation increase quickly.

The team has got so far a spectral purity and indistinguishability of 99% and > 90% photon heralding efficiency. Moreover, the photonic device was fabricated via CMOS-compatible processes in a commercial foundry. Therefore this study represents a major step toward building quantum circuits at scale. (Phys.org)

The paper has been published in Nature Communications.

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