November 28, 2022

Finding quvigints in a Quantum treasure map

Finding quvigints in a Quantum treasure map Hologram encoding a quvigint (left), such as that photographed during the experiment (right). Image credit: Markus Rambach

Scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) at The University of Queensland said the team was able to find unknown quantum states more quickly and accurately, using a technique called self-guided tomography.

The team also introduced the ‘quvigint’, which is like a qubit except that it takes on not two, but 20 possible values. These high-dimensional quantum states such as quvigints were ideal for storing and sending large amounts of information securely.

However, finding unknown states becomes increasingly difficult in higher dimensions, because the same scaling that gives quantum devices their power also limits our ability to describe them. (University of Queensland)

The results are published in Physical Review Letters.

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