November 28, 2022

Dotphoton and ESA collaborate on Quantum-inspired image compression

Swiss start-up Dotphoton and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a contract to test Dotphoton’s efficient information-preserving image compression technology for use in space applications.

Dotphoton’s software provides raw image data compression with guaranteed raw image quality and fidelity preservation. The output data is particularly suitable for the latest generation of machine vision and AI image processing algorithms. That is particularly important in the context of permanently growing space image data.

Dotphoton’s products allow to save a factor of 5–10 in storage space and network bandwidth, as well as the associated time, power and costs.

The final product is co-developed by Dotphoton and ESA. It could help ESA’s optical missions to reduce costs in the processing of raw image data and in satellite-to-ground image transmission, one of the important cost drivers for all modern missions.

This contract was signed with the coordination support of the Swiss Space Office. (DotPhoton)