January 28, 2023

Diamond-based 10-qubit register with coherence more than one minute

Researchers at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, have created a diamond-based quantum memory device that can retain a quantum state for more than a minute, making it the most stable quantum memory device of its kind.

This breakthrough has been achieved using NV-Center (Nitrogen Vacancy) technology where two carbon atoms in the diamond are replaced by a nitrogen atom and an empty site with a floating loose electron. Plus the eight nearby carbon-13 atoms to create the 10-qubit quantum device.

The researchers were also able to generate entanglement between all 45 possible qubit pairs among the 10 qubits. This quantum memory can retain a single qubit state for over 75 seconds. It can also maintain a two-qubit entanglement for over 10 seconds, which is necessary for the device to function like a processor and perform certain calculations. (InsideScience).

The researchers published the results in a recent paper in the journal Physical Review X.

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