February 1, 2023

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Fault-tolerant quantum computer based on Schrödinger-cat qubits AWS Logo photo
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Fault-tolerant quantum computer based on Schrödinger-cat qubits

At the AWS Center for Quantum Computing, Amazon’s scientists are doing scientific research and development on Quantum Computing algorithms and hardware. They posted a summary of their findings from their first architecture paper that describes a theoretical blueprint for a fault-tolerant quantum computer that features a novel approach to Quantum Error Correction (QEC). The paper can be […]

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Is Quantum Computing pharma’s next big disruptor?

Allie Nawrat talks to the Pistoia Alliance, QED-C and QuPharm about the opportunities Quantum Computing may provide to the pharma industry. In a future-casting 2030 vision report, life sciences membership organisation Pistoia Alliance examined technological opportunities that might impact the pharma industry’s efficiency, and Quantum Computing was clearly identified. To support this initiative, Wise explains, Pistoia […]

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IBM: Exploring Quantum Computing use cases for life sciences

IBM has published a report concerning quantum computing use cases for life sciences. Some quotes from this report: The search space of potential protein configurations increases exponentially with the size of the protein. Quantum computing has the potential to drastically improve structure predictions for RNA molecules, proteins, DNA-protein complexes, and other constructs. Small-molecule drug design and […]

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OIDA Report: Photonics and Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies are expected to have major impacts in markets ranging from telecom and medicine to finance but advances in product engineering are necessary to bring the technologies to market, according to the newly released OIDA Quantum Photonics Roadmap: Every Photon Counts produced in collaboration with Corning. The OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) roadmap clarifies the applications […]

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How many qubits for quantum supremacy?

This is a very interesting paper published by well-known people of the Quantum Community. Quantum computational supremacy arguments, which describe a way for a quantum computer to perform a task that cannot also be done by a classical computer, typically require some sort of computational assumption related to the limitations of classical computation (non-collapse conjecture).  […]

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The diamond quantum  revolution

In the April 2020 issue of Physics World, editors explain how diamond, this special form of carbon, now has many practical quantum applications. Here are some extracts. Diamonds are well known as the gem for marking engagements and other special occasions, but the huge influence of this material in industry is all around us too. Diamond […]

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NCSC: Quantum security technologies

The British Nation Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has just released an interesting white paper which sets out its position on two security technologies that rely on quantum physics: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG). Particularly, the NCSC clearly mentions that: Given the specialised hardware requirements of QKD over classical cryptographic key […]

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IBM: Exploring quantum use cases for chemicals and petroleum Nondestructive detection of photonic qubits - NPQD applications
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IBM: Exploring quantum use cases for chemicals and petroleum

IBM has published a report concerning three quantum computing use cases already being explored by chemicals and petroleum companies. Some quotes from this report: It has already been demonstrated that quantum chemistry simulations will likely outpace classical solutions once powerful enough quantum computers are built. Using quantum computers, enterprises may drastically reduce the amount of […]

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