January 28, 2023

Cambridge Quantum Computing deploys its IronBridge cryptographic device with IBM

Cambridge Quantum Computing has integrated its IronBridge 4-qubit quantum photonics cryptographic device with IBM Key Protect and can demonstrate the generation of post-quantum secure keys.

This solution requires minimal changes to existing infrastructure and interfaces natively with the IBM Cloud platform. This project was achieved through Cambridge Quantum Computing working with the IBM Key Protect team. Technically, this provides the IBM Cloud with various forms of post-quantum encryption keys and enhanced security around existing cryptography, as classical AES keys benefit from being generated from a quantum source of entropy. The keys are generated through NIST pre-approved algorithms and are uploaded and stored ready for use as Key Protect Standard Keys.

This proof-of-concept project shows that keys generated by IronBridge can be reliably uploaded into the IBM Key Protect service via standard secured API calls, which is entirely automated for a transparent end-to-end service. (IBM)

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