January 31, 2023

Benefits of quantum optimal control for quantum sensing

Diamond based quantum technology is a fast emerging field with both scientific and technological importance. With the growing knowledge and experience concerning diamond based quantum systems comes an increased demand for performance. Quantum optimal control (QOC) provides a direct solution to a number of existing challenges as well as a basis for proposed future applications.

Researchers compiled an introductory review on how to implement QOC using nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamonds as the quantum system.

The authors chose to focus their review on QOC using NV centers in diamonds because of their stability, long spin coherence time, unique optical properties and ability to increase precision in qubit control. NV centers can also be used at room temperature and are biocompatible.

The review covers the properties of NV centers in diamonds, quantum sensing techniques, quantum technology applications of nitrogen vacancy centers, and the principles and methods of QOC theory. (AIP)

The paper has been published in AVS Quantum Science.