February 3, 2023

Baidu offers Quantum Computing from the Cloud

Baidu today detailed Quantum Leaf, a new Cloud Quantum Computing platform designed for programming, simulating, and executing quantum workloads. It will provide a programming environment for quantum-infrastructure-as-a-service setups and it complements the Paddle Quantum development toolkit the company released earlier this year.

Baidu says a key component of Quantum Leaf is QCompute, a Python-based open source development kit with a hybrid programming language and a high-performance simulator. Users can leverage prebuilt objects and modules in the quantum programming environment, passing parameters to build and execute quantum circuits on the simulator or cloud simulators and hardware. Essentially, QCompute provides services for creating and analyzing circuits and calling the backend.

Quantum Leaf dovetails with Quanlse, a “cloud-based quantum pulse computing service” that bridges the gap between software and hardware by providing a service to design and implement pulse sequences as part of quantum tasks. Quanlse works with both superconducting circuits and nuclear magnetic resonance platforms and will extend to new form factors in the future. (VentureBeat)