ARTEMIS: a new European research project to develop Neural Networks for Quantum Error Correction

ARTEMIS: a new European research project to develop Neural Networks for Quantum Error Correction

Quantum MachinesAlice&Bob and European quantum computing research groups led by Prof. Benjamin Huard from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Prof. Florian Marquardt of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, has announced the launch of Project ARTEMIS.

The 3-year project will work to establish and commercialize a radically new approach to quantum control based on Neural Networks. 

Project ARTEMIS will work to overcome two of the main challenges in Quantum Computing: Quantum Error Correction (QEC) and optimal control. To accomplish this, the research will focus on the development of a quantum controller that incorporates real-time neural networks capable of generating controls. This is set to resolve one of the main bottlenecks towards scaling up error correction and optimal control methods.

The expected outcomes of the project are: 

  • The deployment of a universal quantum controller with a user-friendly interface and accompanying open-source code libraries for the implementation of the new approach on a variety of quantum processors and devices. 
  • The public availability of a cloud-based quantum processor with a unique user interface, allowing for the programming and execution of a rich variety of real-time neural networks. This will allow researchers to explore the new approach toward practical quantum computing and quantum sensing, even if they do not have direct access to quantum hardware.


The project will utilize the combined expertise of the participating companies and institutions in the fields of microwave engineering, machine learning, control theory, experimental quantum physics, commercial product design, and realization. Industrial level quantum computers will be used to realize the full potential of the project.