January 28, 2023

AlgoDynamix world first in behavioural forecasting for financial analytics

AlgoDynamix which operates from Barclays Eagle Labs in Cambridge, UK, has unveiled a new cloud-based service using technology provided by D-Wave Systems and says it is a world first in behavioural forecasting for financial analytics.

These cloud-based calculations will be up to 10,000 faster and will enable additional customer functionality.

The analytics alert flags are sent to clients via e-mail, browser or an optional API. These analytics now provide much more functionality including the new, crucially important FX and FX treasury forecasting capabilities. 

This is in addition to the existing wide range of current multi asset class forecasting analytics for asset managers, traders and other business functions.

The SaaS-based analytics do not require client supplied data, so new clients can be on-boarded and benefit from our unique directional forecasting analytics in less than 24 hours, without any disruption to existing systems.

This innovation dramatically improves the existing AlgoDynamix directional forecasting technology and will now also include the entire spectrum of FX and FX treasury forecasting analytics. 

The quantum leap comes from a team of Cambridge PhDs who are redefining their behavioural clustering algorithms as a quantum energy state problem. This mathematical breakthrough means that even their most difficult and challenging behavioral clustering calculations can now be solved using quantum computers. (Business Weekly UK)

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