December 1, 2022

AISIN Group and QC Ware announce joint Quantum Computing research

The Japanese automotive technology giant AISIN Group and QC Ware announced a research collaboration exploring the impact of quantum optimization and quantum machine learning algorithms on automotive applications. The collaboration utilized commercially available quantum computers from D-Wave Systems and Rigetti Computing.

Aisin is a leading global supplier of components and systems for the automotive industry and the world’s largest transmission manufacturer. Its customers represent a wide range of automotive manufacturing giants, including Toyota, Volkswagen Group, PSA Group, Volvo, and the BMW Group.

QC Ware and Aisin’s research will be focused on solving critical automotive parts design challenges, including quality assurance in automatic transmission software. Both companies will also explore how they can remove computational bottlenecks in big data calculations on logistic services. They want to be well-prepared with top-rate quantum computing skills when quantum computers are ready for commercial use.

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